Tips on Reshaping the Shopper Experience

Dx3 offers the industry an amazing look at how some of the nation’s most innovative retail brands and solutions providers are reshaping the shopper experience. In addition to showcasing new technologies and innovations, the event sets the tone for what to expect in the upcoming year.

The industry will stop talking about omni-channel

Fortunately, the industry has evolved past the overused buzzword. Retailers know shoppers demand a consistent experience across all channels and that the time has come to commit to putting the shopper at the centre of their business. Watch how one of the fastest growing specialty retailers executes a buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, service-anywhere approach to keep their shoppers coming back for more. See how Salesforce is taking personalized experience for shoppers to the next level with 1-to-1 engagement through the right channel at the right time.

Everything and everyone will be smarter

Today’s shopper is accustomed to smart technologies in their daily routines. From Siri, Amazon product recommendations and Facebook feeds, content is curated and delivered based on the shopper’s unique preferences and context. In 2017, it’s time for the retail industry to catch up to consumer technologies to meet the elevated expectations of today’s shoppers. Take a look our latest report to learn what Canadian customers will expect no, demand from retailers going forward.


Employees will be the cornerstone of the shopper experience

Even though e-commerce is growing at a rapid clip, the store is still an essential element of the retail experience. According to McKinsey, physical stores will still contribute 85% of total retail sales by 2025. On the other hand, 48% of shoppers never ask a store associate for assistance. In some cases, it’s because the shopper feels more informed about a product than the store associate. This year, expect many retailers to remedy this situation by supercharging their store staff with the tools they need to understand their shoppers and support the selling process. Discover seven strategies retailers can adopt to tackle new challenges and remain competitive in today’s sophisticated shopper landscape. Get the ebook!

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