It’s Just Shopping: How to Deliver Profitable Customer Experiences


  • Tony Long, Global E-Commerce Capability Lead – Kimberly Clark
  • Aran Hamilton, President & Co-Founder – Vantage

Description: The online retail experience offered by omnichannel retailers often lags consumers’ expectations, because ecommerce is simply smaller than brick and mortar in overall share of revenue. By deprioritizing allocation of precious resources, the retailers and the CPG brands that serve them open the door wide to consumer defection from a retailer or brand to an online pure-play option. Consumers don’t care about any of this. For consumers it’s just shopping, and they’re never without their trusted digital devices.

Top Session Takeaways

Tony Long, explains that retail used to be a planned event. People would create lists, block out time in their calendars to shop, and come in-store to purchase the items. The biggest challenge with this however, is whether or not the items you intended to get were in stock. But most were willing to wait and come back for it another time.

But the introduction of mobile phones has changed that. The new ‘anytime/anywhere’ freedom of mobile rapidly evolved the way people shopped. It has allowed customers to be more demanding. Now, they’re able to scroll through online and “substitute” for items easier if it’s not in stock.

“The path to purchase today starts with a smartphone. Where it ends is up to you.” Tony Long, Global E-Commerce Capability Lead Kimberly Clark

Although it’s great for the consumer, it’s not as great for the brands and retailers. Accessibility to other products fuels the consumer’s habit to be “disloyal”. Brands and retailers need to work together now more than ever. It means sharing online and offline-related conversation more freely.

But how do you get there? Aran Hamilton talks about the idea of co-op marketing and why it works:

Co-op marketing is what retailers already do. It’s expensive and not very effective. But co-op marketing performance marketing brings the science of intelligence to simple targeting, sending ROI into orbit.

Aran leaves us off with these key points:

  • Combine retailer and brand activity data to optimize how consumers are reached in a given category
  • Deliver experiences that are relevant to the consumer’s context (where/what/why)
  • Continually optimize to be more relevant and deliver results



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