Ensembles: How the Gig economy Will Change the Way We Create

Speakers: Sandy Marshall – Marshall Media, Baron Manett – Per Se Brand Experience, Michael Girgis – DIVE Networks

Description: The ensemble is most common in the world of music, where singers and musicians form temporary groups to perform. This concept is starting to find its way into advertising and marketing.

As the agency environment rapidly evolves, we’re seeing writers, strategists, designers and thinkers coming together in an ensemble on a project-to-project basis.

In this panel, Sandy Marshall, Baron Manett and Michael Girgis, discuss how the gig economy is changing the creative landscape and the way we create. They also answer important questions about collaboration and why clients should look to hire an ensemble.

Why collaboration?

The best talent on the market isn’t working in your company and if they are, they’re trying to leave. It’s simple. The best talent want a challenge that scares them and teaches them something new. If they’re not feeling pushed to grow, they’re more likely to move on. In fact, according to the panel, the agency of the future might even be less than 50 people and focus on using outside talent for creative work.

In music, collaborations lead to artists finding new sounds. That’s no less true in any other industry. Collaborating with people who have different skillsets teach you those skills. As a creative, looking outside of your regular job will bring great opportunity for success and learning.

Finding your ensemble

Ensembles grow with passion projects. As you work with different groups, you find certain people you’re naturally attracted to who you work well with. It’s easier to work well within a group like this because it gives you a more organic approach. Yes, there can be problems in keeping your feet grounded when you work with friends, but if you can solve that challenge, the sky is the limit.

Attracting talent

The overall toolkit is getting bigger and bigger. People have skills that might not exist anywhere in your company. But talent has gotten smarter and don’t tolerate bad environments anymore. Unfortunately, there isn’t one way of treating talent, but the one thing that most of them have in common is that they want to be pushed to better themselves.

Within an organization, you’ll find that your best workers are people who aren’t given the chance to do higher level work. These are the people who are under 30 years old and too junior for big projects. But it’s a huge untapped pool of talent. Find people in your junior positions who are eager to go outside of their role and create an ensemble for a creative project including them. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Why ensembles work:

  • 100% support
  • Makes everyone look better
  • Follow other peoples lead
  • Create a new sound

Where things go wrong:

  • Not being authentic
  • Lack of focus
  • Saying yes to everything
  • Forgetting the objective
  • Not having each others’ back

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