Dx3: Canadian Retail Innovation Challenge

Description: Dx3 Canada partnered closely with Oxford Properties Group, Retail Prophet and the Retail Council of Canada to launch the Canadian Retail Innovation Challenge during this year’s conference. Out of the 50 or so teams that applied, six were chosen—three in the technology category and three in the merchant category.

Each team had three minutes to pitch their business to judges Leigh Rosar (Oxford), Doug Stephens (Retail Prophet) and Tricia Gellman (Salesforce). The winners they selected will get the unique opportunity to showcase their product in an experimental store at Yorkdale shopping mall.



styleID identifies clothing worn on TV shows and music videos, making them available to search and buy. They work closely with designers on set to find the same clothes people would see in video format.

For retailers, that means being able to place certain outfits into a show or video through the relationships styleID has built.

The benefit of this is that it seamlessly provides a way for customers to find clothes that they like and provides retailers key analytics in seeing how certain clothes perform to which audiences.


DubDub allows any video to be shoppable by inserting tags and links to drive traffic to an online store. This connects influencers and retailers, giving content creators access to another revenue stream and businesses a great way to reach relevant audiences.


Gimme360 provides augmented and virtual reality solutions by building out video solutions for each client. Built on philanthropy, customer experience and employee fulfillment, Gimme360 works with retailers to show consumers where products have come from.


WINNERS: Tanya Heath Paris

Tanya Heath Paris creates customizable heels for women’s shoes. With over 4000 heels and a selection of 40 shoes and sandals, women can build footwear made specially for them.

The beauty of Tanya Heath’s model is that it allows instant in-store personalization that brings customers back for more. In fact, for every pair shoe, they sell four pairs of heels. This makes the heels their biggest selling product, allowing them to get return business.

Tanya Heath Paris’ biggest challenge so far is expansion. By winning the Innovation Challenge, they hope that it’ll put the brand on the road to building more stores across Canada.


When we think of products with Canadian heritage, Aboriginal clothing is rarely mentioned. But DeMontigny is all about bringing Aboriginal products to the forefront while teaching customers about their culture and meaning behind the products. DeMontigny has products at various price ranges but can also make custom, one-of-a-kind Aboriginal clothing for its customers.

Oneiric Hockey

Regular hockey players will know how many different pieces of equipment they need and the time-consuming process of putting them on. Oneiric Hockey’s founders are players themselves and knew exactly how to address the problem. They’ve invented a piece of lower wear that has a pocket for your pads and protects areas of your legs that normal padding doesn’t.


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