Raising The Bar For Customer Experiences With React

Speaker: Doug Riches, Group Technology Director – Rangle.io

Description: As nimble startups and disruptive competitors fill market needs, established retailers are struggling to meet the rapid changes in technology and consumer expectations. The implications of not transitioning to next-generation eCommerce are staggering. In this session, Doug Riches, Group Technology Director at Rangle.io, explains how Rangle is using React to help retailers and other enterprises to adapt to changing customer needs much more efficiently than traditional development options. Doug has worked as a technology leader in the web and software industry since early 2003. With expertise in many areas, he is often sought out by fellow colleagues for his know-how.


Given the rate at which our consumption of media, product and services has increased it’s not hard to see that the biggest challenge for every business is doing away with traditional approaches. “We think about e-commerce the way we think about plumbing.” In other words: we agree that we need it, but we don’t think about improving it. This is a problem.

Development processes can often take a long time resulting in an outdated product upon launch. Between overwhelming complexities and solution bureaucracy, there is a real struggle with implementing new tech. Understanding how we work is the starting point in navigating through this next generation of retail.

Session Takeaways:

The Need For Speed Is Undeniable

It’s important to enable creative teams to launch new experiences quickly. We heard this a lot from Doug throughout his talk – rapid, quick, swift, fast. The ability to respond rapidly is at the forefront of React’s objectives. Likewise, measurable results and reducing costs by reducing response times are also mandated.

“Agile development is not the goal.
The goal is agile products.”
Edmond Mesrobian, CTA Tesco

According to Doug the tech requirements for today’s e-commerce are as follows:

– Must be 2-tiered: customer-experience on the front end with transactional back-end development is hidden from the customer
– Mobile first
– Fast
– Cross-platform

A driving factor here is of course customer satisfaction.

Win With Component Driven Libraries

Another objective that Doug shines a light on is the ability for retailers to make changes without breaking the site. This enables the dev team to build rapidly, test instantly and fix components without affecting the other components.

“Use the least number of technologies to
provide the highest level of value.”
CTO Teradata

Deploying new changes to production while insuring continuous delivery of service is a result of lean philosophies, service design thinking and strong devOps.


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