Next-Gen Digital Payments: Enabling the Anytime, Anywhere Consumer


Abhijeet Rege, VP Merchant Marketing at American Express, has a passion for driving innovation. In this session, he’ll provide us with unique look at merchant insights, trends, and innovations driving the digital payments revolution. Learn why now is the time to integrate payments into your business value proposition.

Top Session Takeaways:

This session is focused on how newer technologies are delivering unique experiences to cater to the ‘anytime-anywhere’ consumers. Abhijeet has shared some of the top trends he’s noticed and examples of how businesses are incorporating them into their practices.


A really great example of this is Netflix. In it’s early stages, Netflix was first a DVD rental company where you could choose the movies you want to watch and order them through a Redbox booth. Most had thought their value proposition was convenient DVD delivery. Today, Netflix has shifted and become an online streaming service with millions of subscribers.

Not only have they adapted to the behaviour of the ‘anytime-anywhere’ consumer, they’ve also incorporated a recommendation feature within their service. The recommendation feature combined with what’s available online is what gets people hooked on their service. Think about how personalization can be a part of your business practice.


Now more than ever, there’s a need for speed when it comes to making payments. No one likes waiting in line to pay a bill or make a purchase. Consumers are looking for more convenient ways to do this, and with the technology we have today this is made possible through contactless payments.

Apple Pay does a great job with this because you can just tap your phone to the terminal in-store. Not only is it convenient, but it’s also secure. Contactless payments don’t require card details for the transaction. It requires a something that’s much harder to get–your thumbprint. Consumers prefer services that are convenient and safe. So if you haven’t already, try to find points in the customer’s experience that reflect this trend.

Seamless Experiences

Companies are still exploring ways to make payment experiences seamless. But one company that has done this very well is Amazon with their new concept of Amazon Go. The idea is you tap your cellphone before you enter the grocery store, then walk around and shop for what you want. The beauty of it is you don’t have to wait in line to pay or even tap your phone to make a payment. You just walk out. The technology in the store keeps a count of your virtual cart, by tracking what items you take and put back on the shelves. Amazon has created an experience that is frictionless and integrated into the product delivery.

But while you’re keeping these ideas in mind, Abhijeet says it’s also important to have a certain mindset about it:

‘Divine Discontent’ is the philosophy that you’re continuing to target and solve pain points that customers experience. So keep pushing through these and think about experiences from the eyes of your consumer.

We live in a world where change is afoot. Keep these trends in mind because they will pave the way for new experiences.



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