How To Effectively Go Viral With Influencers

Speaker: Taylor Klick, CEO – IVVI

Description: Influencer marketing has made its way into the forefront of digital marketing in recent years. Influencers engage with their audiences authentically, and their advocacy towards brands can sway consumers. When one of these engagement ‘goes viral’, the reach and effectiveness of the marketing is exponentially compounded. Taylor Klick is the CEO of IVVI, a platform that helps clients accurately predict emerging video trends and talent before they go viral.

IVVI is an influencer and viral video platform that looks into your views and followers, go on a deep dive to understand behaviour and niche audiences. Taylor shared influencer marketing and viral strategies (as well challenges) with the Dx3 audience. Here are some of the takeaways.

Today’s Influencer Marketing Stats

Since influencer marketing has taken off, Taylor reported that it is seeing:

60% more conversion than standard advertising

Now, unsurprisingly, this doesn’t come without a hefty price tag. Marketers are looking at 10x competitor spend, but with this upward trend, if a brand is not spending on influencer marketing now, they will within the next two years.

It’s difficult to argue when successful campaigns are seeing 3x as many views as traditional marketing with 12x better engagement. With more targeted campaigns, the best campaigns are averaging 6x conversion.

Go Deep Into Fan Culture, Not Just Demographics

In order to create the future, there are innovative ways to use predictive analytics by studying fan culture. Taylor mentioned later in the talk that data-backed ads have earned up to $20 for every $1. The approach is less demographic and certainly more psychographic. Analyzing audience behaviour is an effective means to build better experiential strategies and distribution.

“I skate to where the puck is going to be
not where it’s been”
Wayne Gretzky

By observe organic trends and marketers can create something more polished for bigger results. Take for example the mannequin challenge trend that drove this campaign for Dairy Farmer’s of Canada.

Cultural Connection is Key

Taylor played this popular Chewbacca Mom clip and, even though everyone has seen it, the room responded with delight, further proving KOHL’S made a winning viral-influencer play.


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Jumping at the opportunity to coat-tail on this clip’s virality, they gifted this woman and her family with a $2500 gift certificate, an update which in the end garnered 137 million views. KOHL’S sponsorship of the Oscars, though undisclosed, had a heavier price tag and accumulated a less impressive 34 million views.

Let’s think about why Candace Payne aka Chewbacca Mom was the bigger win. The clip had the winning formula for a viral influencer because it was:

1. Authentic and vulnerable
2. Cultural connection
3. Purest form of marketing – end point marketing

Beware of the Mid Tier Traps

Rolling out an influencer strategy comes with some weariness. The elusive goal to “go viral” feels precarious. Taylor addressed these traps with the objective to help the audience to get over them before the analysis paralysis kicks in. Fear of the unknown and lack of science behind the strategy may deter companies from jumping into these newer practices. But the solution is to really pass over the creative control to the influencer. Allow them to shape the campaign, to choose causes that fit and the steer campaign with their trusted voice.



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