Next Gen Advertising: How Data Will Drive Media Buying Efficiency

Speaker: Mark Leslie, VP of Research & Consumer Insights – Corus

Description: Innovation in data and technology are now allowing marketing to connect advertising media to consumers throughout the purchase sales funnel. The system used for this at Corus Entertainment is referred to as Next Generation Advertising.

Mark Leslie, Vice President of Research & Consumer Insights at Corus, is here to tell us what these developments mean for brands, their media buying strategies, and the results that they can measure. Mark is passionate about understanding media’s role within the consumer’s path to purchase and believes that great consumer insights combined with new data and analytics are key to growing the revenue and businesses of our advertiser and marketing partners.

Highlights from Mark’s talk:

We are in a new ecosystem that is more personalized. We require more automation and a way to consistently optimize our response to our audiences. Naturally as a result, there is an increase and demand for personalization in content, brands, platforms, and devices.

What does the future of TV advertising look like?

• Renewal of interest in purchase funnel
• Expanded definition of TV (no longer linear)
• Audience centric > platform centric
• Increased emphasis on data defined TV audiences
• Made to measure solutions

What Do Buyers Want?

According to Mark, buyers should be focused on long term brand building (top of funnel, mass awareness) and short term measurable outcomes (bottom funnel). Broadcasters and advertisers can create optimal mix of frequency and impact across all screens.

Don’t ROI-optimize yourself into the ground.

Challenged by the role of advertising and value equations for premium content matched by an erosion of buying audiences like Netflix, the broadcast industry in totality is coming together to find solutions to move the innovation and solutions further. The objective is to shift the use data more effectively and with attribution in mind.


Solutions Are Emerging

The rise of programmatic platforms and unified campaign delivery shed light on the idea that this is not a matter of product so much as a process. We are now looking at more relevant and contextual delivery of advertising. Targeting can now go right down to postal codes with location specific messaging. Data and technology help to cut through the complexity of relationships between consumers, content companies, broadcasters and advertisers. We are in a time where we see unduplicated measurement of reach, frequency and impact.

Industry collaboration is necessary and must be firmly committed to continued innovation, so to are advocates for addressable tech. When properly organized broadcasters can use data to deliver their customer.

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