Keynote #Dx32017: Using experience as the North Star to guide you through this complex, digital world

Warren Tomlin of IBM @ Dx3

Speaker Bio:
Warren Tomlin serves as the Global Chief Innovation Officer of IBM and has been recognized as one of Marketing Magazine’s top Influencers. To kickstart Dx3 2017, he chatted with us about understanding, creating and delivering on great experiences for customers . Here are the key takeaways.

1. Understand what experience in today’s world means

a. Learn a New Language

Experience is ever changing and the user perception associated with it is constantly evolving.

As a baseline, brands need to remember that the last best experience that anyone has anywhere, becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.

b. Follow the Leader

Given that customers do not interact solely with one brand, it has become increasingly important to learn from leaders from outside of your industry.

2. Driving the Experience

The advancements in digital technology have given rise to a different world. There has never been a better time to be an innovator but there has never been a more difficult time to be a business. In order to succeed you have to keep up and think beyond digital transformation to digital reinvention.

Look + Feel is not the same as experience.

To take a beautiful idea to reality, you need to incorporate hardware & software experiences and couple it with human acceptance. Hardware and software doesn’t matter if you can’t use it.

a. Light a Fire

Random acts of digital happen as you try to get to the North Star of customer experience. Stop existing in silos within the company, akin to lighting a campfire, and think of digital transformation on an organizational scale,aka a bonfire.
If you don’t change the campfire to a bonfire you may not get the scale that you may want.

3. Implementing the Experience

a. Burn the Boats

Don’t be reckless in your transformation and digital reinvention but as leaders be committed and don’t look back.

b. Forge your path

It is your journey and it is extremely likely to be different from others. Just be restless in your innovation and you will thrive.

P.S: There is a maturing in mobile and customer experience but think about how you can enhance your employee experience so they can provide that experience.

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