How to Get Creative with Partnerships

Speaker: Ron Tite, Founder & CEO -The Tite Group

Description: Any successful person will tell you that great things cannot be achieved alone. In business, strategic partnerships are everything. They can either make or break your company. So choose your partners wisely.

Ron Tite, founder and CEO of The Tite Group, shares how the company has pursued various creative partnerships from retailers, distributors, and the CBC to publish Canada’s most successful humour book of 2017, This is That Travel Guide to Canada.

Top 3 Session Takeaways:

To survive in this economy and stay innovative, it’s imperative to have partnerships. Without the expertise of others, how can you make your project successful? In this session, Ron Tite leaves us with three takeaways regarding partnerships that will drive the success of your project.

Stop asking ‘What should we do?’ and start asking ‘Who should we do it with?’

1) The Project is More Important Than You Are. Companies are very concerned about their bottom line. Once the fear of “profit paranoia” sets in–fear that companies won’t be able to get their fair share of profit– companies are quick to prioritize themselves over the project. But remember why these partnerships exist, for the purpose of driving new ideas that will revolutionize the way things are done today.

2) Create Win-Win Situations. Develop partnerships where all your partners will be can benefit. By giving them a chance to earn revenue and build on their expertise, they’re willing to go above and beyond to make sure this project is successful. In this example, Ron managed to give his partners a stake and build on their specialties. Together, these efforts contributed to the success of This is That Travel Guide to Canada.

3) I’ve Got Your Back. Companies are quick to put blame on someone when something goes wrong, rather than working together as a team to solve that problem. The point of partnerships is to work together, through the good and bad. So when an issue pops up, be quick to huddle up and think of a solution.

Strategic partnerships mean everything in this economy. It’s defines the path your company will take and the things you will achieve in the future. So choose your partners wisely.


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