Business By Design with IBM iX

Speakers: Geoff Lee – IBM, 
Heather Simpson – IBM, Farhang Farid – IBM, Ricardo Costa – Weston Foods

Description: Today’s business world can be a scary but wonderful place. Fragmenting industries brings the constant threat of disruption, competition and change. But it also brings the opportunity to take on big challenges through design and technology.

Led by Geoff Lee, Experience Design Director at IBM, the speakers talked about how using the three pillar approach of Insight, Idea and Impact, Weston Foods and the Toronto Raptors were able to win by great interactive experiences.

Geoff Lee of IBM

Weston Foods

Weston foods supplies cookies to the Girl Scouts in the US during their annual fundraising cycles. Recently, the company faced trouble with dropping engagement and so, enlisted IBM iX to help find a way to bring those numbers back up and drive sales.

Insight: The first thing IBM iX did was gather stakeholders—volunteers and participants—in a two-day session to find their pain points. This way they could drive adoption and help increase engagement from young girls. For example, one of the issues they found was that when dealing with friends and family, people didn’t want to keep asking for payment.

Idea: IBM started simple, delivering changes in bite-sized chunks. They started with a logo and eventually released an app that gamified the selling process. This let Weston reward the girls involved for going the extra mile and knocking on just one more door.

Impact: Engagement raised from 75%-90% after release and a large chunk of the increase was attributed to the experience that Weston Foods was able to provide its workforce and customers. By being more digitized, it also allowed the company to track sales more effectively. The experience from this has also been leveraged across the company.

Toronto Raptors

For decades, NBA teams have tracked data and statistics in the same way—using a whiteboard and magnetic printouts. But the Toronto Raptors wanted something more modern and brought IBM iX in to create the most advanced war room in the league.

Insight: IBM tried putting the user at the centre of this problem. The NBA is a business that focuses entirely on winning games, not on technology. So IBM wanted to build something that was intuitive that wouldn’t interrupt daily operations, letting the team focus on their real goals.

Idea: The Raptors’ war room was built with collaboration in mind. IBM wanted to find a way to allow all front-office staff work independently while still sharing their information with the rest of the team.

Impact: This sophisticated war room was installed just a week before one of the most important days in basketball: draft day. And yet, with intuitive design, Raptors staff were quickly able to learn how to use it and more importantly, trust it enough to make big decisions.


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