Dx3 Session Spotlight: From Inspiration to Action

Dx3-2017-Eric-EdgePeople are always scouring the Internet for new ideas, whether it’s a recipe, a dream vacation spot, or fun activities for date night. Often these ideas are saved for later, when it’s more convenient to act on them. Unfortunately, too often they become just another bookmark lost and buried beneath the rest.

“The process from being inspired and discovering an idea to taking action is not seamless across mobile,” says Eric Edge, Head of Global Marketing at Pinterest. “The problem that we are solving for is the bridge between the two.”

Eric Edge, Head of Global Marketing & Industry Relations at Pinterest, sheds light to a challenge that marketers are currently facing. There’s a need to bridge the emotional power of inspiration with the immediate desire to take action. At Pinterest, he drives the strategy and leads the company’s presence in the marketing and advertising industry globally.

Before joining Pinterest, Eric was an early member of the Instagram business team, where he led brand strategy across several categories. Prior to Instagram, Eric was the head of marketing for Facebook in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. He got his start in the industry world, serving as Global Chief Communications Officer of Havas Worldwide and VP of Global Communications at FCB. Eric was named one of PR Week’s “40 Under 44.”

“Technology is key,” says Eric. “If it contributes to the core human behaviour and their experience then it’s valuable.”


Join Eric Edge for his keynote speech on March 9 (Day 2) from 8:30AM to 9:30AM at Dx3 2017, and learn how Pinterest is thinking about using technology to create experiences that move people from inspiration to action. A personalized way of visual discovery may very well be the future.

Dx3 is less than 1 week away! Buy your ticket today.


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