Dx3 Session Spotlight: How-to Merge the Online and In-Store Shopping Experience

Since the eCommerce boom, online stores have been exploding. The Pew Research Centre found that nearly 80 percent of Americans shop on the internet, with 43 percent shopping weekly or few times a month. Because of this, retailers often find themselves engaged in the online versus brick-and-mortar shopping debate. Both experiences provide unique benefits. Online focuses on convenience whereas physical stores allow customers to see and touch the object.


But what if there was a way to merge these experiences? A way where brick-and-mortar stores could partner with their online counterparts and end the debate?

“When we think of retail, we think of brick-and-mortar and online as two separate concepts,” explained Braden Hoeppner, Head of Brand and Online at Kit and Ace. “However thinking about these channels operationally makes sense. But there’s a need to present these experiences as a unified brand.”

Hoeppner is an experienced marketing executive who focuses on eCommerce, digital strategy, and innovation. At Kit and Ace, he’s responsible for running the brand and online teams, and as well as the e-commerce platform.

“Today’s customers are getting savvy and diverse in what they want,” said Hoeppner. “It’s all about how they want to create a relationship with Kit and Ace. We’re opening doors and creating ways for them to do that.”

Companies haven’t found a way to merge these experiences yet. But with rapid advancement of technology many retailers feel that it’s the next step in raising the bar for customer shopping experiences.


“Kit and Ace is a young company that’s fast to market and able to try new things,” said Hoeppner. “I’m happy to share my learnings to those who are facing challenges so they can have a few takeaways they can implement in their business.”

Join Braden Hoeppner and learn how to merge the online and in-store shopping experience for your brand on March 8 (Day 1) from 3:30PM to 4:30 PM.

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