Dx3 Session Spotlight: Experience as the North Star

Customer experience has long been the differentiating factor in the retail industry. It separates companies who have gone beyond the standard from those who barely meet the minimum requirements. With new innovations in technology, it’s easy to fall behind customer expectations and create experiences which are lacking, whether it’s from complacency or the competition adapting faster. In this keynote session with Warren Tomlin, IBM’s Chief Innovation Officer, learn how your organization can use customer experience as the North Star to guide you through the complex digital world and create experiences that matter.


Warren Tomlin is a strategy and growth driver with over 20 years of experience fusing strategy and technology to create innovative new opportunities. Recognized as one of Marketing Magazine’s 100 Thought Leaders, Tomlin focuses on driving integrated strategy, innovation and technology to create new experiences.

“Clients and brands need to think about experience as their north star,” said Tomlin. “The last best experience that anybody has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experience we begin to have everywhere.”

Research shows that companies who focus on experience have 22 times better ROI, leading their competitors in every aspect from loyalty to stock performance.

“Our leaders need to speak the language of business and tech,” said Tomlin. “By speaking them together, they’ll realize that strategy is enabled by tech and tech creates new strategy.”


Join Warren Tomlin for his Keynote Presentation on March 8 (Day 1) from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre.

Dx3 is less than two weeks away. Get your ticket now!


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