Snapchat Ad Products You Need to Know

Snapchat attracted young and active users with unique features and style since its release in 2011. With 300 million daily user base today, it’s about time to accelerate its monetization agenda to capitalize it’s popularity and justify the 20 billion dollar valuation.

As part of its monetization strategy, Snapchat has released a number of creative ad products. If you haven’t get your head around what ad products are avaliable for marketers, here is a roundup of the five Snapchat ad products you should know.


  1. Sponsored Geofilters
  2. Sponsored Lenses
  3. 3V Discover Ads
  4. 3V Live Ads
  5. 3V Ads Between Stories

Sponsored Geofilters

Static graphic overlays
01How it works:

  • Users take a Snap and swipe to left or right on screen
  • Depending on location, various Geofilters will appear

Divided into three subcategories:

  • National: to aligns with event or holiday for 24 hours across country
  • Chain: to increase brand awareness at specific retail locations for longer period
  • Shared spaces: to increase brand awareness and Share of Voice in large, social spaces

How to get started:

  • National geofilters are cocreated by Snapchat & the brand
  • Chain & Shared Spaces geofilters are designed by brand
  • All Geofilters are subject to Snapchat’s approval

Sponsored Lenses

Overlaid interactive animations

02How it works:

  • Lenses scan facial elements and overlay interactive animations which users can send to their friends as Snap or post to their Story
  • Lenses alter face/eye shapes and colours, add visual and audio effects, animated overlays, and visual effects

How to get started:

  • The brand provides Snapchat with storyboard outlining what lens looks like & how it works 4-6 weeks before launch
  • Snapchat shares 1st mockup 18-20 business days before launch
  • Snapchat shares developed lens 9-12 business days before launch
  • Lens is finalized and tested in week prior to launch

3V Discover Ads

Vertical video ads between Discover stories

How it works:

  • Pre-produced video ads are slotted between Discover content
  • 03Ads should be under 10 seconds in length
  • Video is full screen and vertically oriented for mobile
  • “AD” slug appears in bottom right of screen

How to get started:

  • Brand shares concept/storyboard 10-14 days ahead of launch
  • Brand sends video files to Snapchat 5 days before launch
  • Brand sends all final creative materials 2 days before launch

3V Live Ads

Vertical video ads between Live stories

04How it works:

  • Similar to 3V Discover ads, but slotted between Live stories
  • Ads are recommended to be shorter (under 5 sec) to retain viewers
  • Technical specs are the same as other 3V formats

How to get started:

  • Brand shares concept/storyboard 10-14 days ahead of launch
  • Brand sends video files to Snapchat 5 days before launch
  • Brand sends all final creative materials 2 days before launch

3V Ads Between Stories

Vertical video ads between user stories

How it works:05

  • Same technical specs as other 3V ads
  • Ad content is slotted in between users’ stories
  • Users can skip through ads so ensure they’re engaging
  • Currently in beta testing in US and UK only

How to get started:

  • Brand shares concept/storyboard and video files with Snapchat
  • Minimum campaign flight is 7 days, maximum 3 months
  • Snapchat has been ramping up on ad products and support to marketers while keeping the unique platform style. Combined with the receptive and young userbase, this is what makes
  • Snapchat such fertile ground for savvy marketers. For a deep dive into Snapchat’s monetization and advertising strategy, check out past webinar here!

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