HP Wants to Revitalize 3D Printing with New Hardware & Concepts

If you thought 3D printing was a passing fad, HP has news for you; they believe the best is yet to come.

Shane Wall, Chief Technology Officer at HP wrote in a blog on Linkedin today why he believes 3D printing has yet to hit its peak, and why his company will begin production on a new line of 3D printers called the Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers.

Wall wrote:

As exciting as these applications may be, however, the biggest impact of 3D printers on our daily lives still lies ahead of us. That’s because 3D printing is about far more than just a new way of making things.

In coming weeks and months we’ll be writing and talking a lot about voxels and thermoplastics and prototyping and other technical aspects of our soon-to-arrive HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers. What I want to talk about today, however, is how 3D printing is going to transform and disrupt manufacturing, supply chains, even whole economies, and what it all means … in other words, how 3D printing is going to change the way we and our children will live.

At HP, our mission is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. To do that we have to understand the socio-economic megatrends that affect where people will live and work.

You can have a look at those planned 3D printers in the video below.

HP is also introducing a new concept along with its printers, the voxel, which is described as a sort of three-dimensional pixel.

HP has not yet stated a launch date for their new line of 3D printers.

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