Prime Members Get The Best Of Amazon Black Friday Deals – Here’s Why

Amazon’s not afraid to admit they have a favourite child (or children), unlike like your parents.

As we steadily roll towards the 2015 Holiday Season, Amazon predictably announced their numerous holiday sales. But every year, Amazon brings something new to the table to keep customers interested and coming back, doubly ensuring Amazon’s position as top retailer year over year.

This year, Amazon’s twist on the holidays is Prime members get all the love. (Or at least a first crack at it.)

The kicker this year is that Prime Members get access to Black Friday Deals a full 30 minutes in advance.

Rebounding from last year’s Black Friday Sale Fails (which, ironically, still added a fat stack to Amazon’s bottom line), Amazon’s Prime-priority strategy for the 2015 Holdiay Season doesn’t seem all that extraordinary. But in reality, it’s retail and marketing genius, and there are a few tricks Amazon’s using that you can appropriate for your own business, too.

The kicker this year is that Prime Members get access to Black Friday Deals a full 30 minutes in advance. This exclusivity is enough for many customers who aren’t currently Prime Member to at least give the subscription service a try at least for Black Friday. My guess is plenty of people who sign up with this original intention will end up sticking with the service, even if they didn’t original intend to.

Amazon’s not dumb, either – they’ve predicted that people will sign up for Prime just for Black Friday. And that’s why their extending the life of the associated Black Friday benefits to beyond the Holiday Season with Lightning Deals, again with additional perks for Prime Members. Namely, a 30% discount.

All this new stuff also comes with the great old Amazon Prime perks too, like same-day shipping.

That’s the first lesson you can learn from Amazon and use for your own business: love your most loyal customers. Give them great perks. Make those perks known far and wide. (Make the ones not getting the amazing perks jealous.)

Amazon also lures potential lifetime Prime Members to their site with their ever-popular Holiday Gift Guides. “Like Amazon needs another reason to get people on their site”, you say. Here’s the second lesson you can learn from Amazon this Holiday Season: never stop giving people a reason to come to your website/store. If you don’t have a membership program as robust as Amazons – who does, really – give people a reason to come into your store regardless.

“But my store/products are reason for people to come into my store!” You cry.


In line with the growing trend of experience in retail, this is one move on the added-value chess board that retail is today. Amazon’s guides are a freebie to get people on your site (or into your store) – but once they’re there, chances are they’ll browse. And maybe even buy.

So learn from the big guys this holiday season!

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