Dx3 2014 keynote: Duncan Fulton of Canadian Tire

Duncan Fulton of Canadian Tire rocked his keynote on March 6 at Dx3 2014.

While explaining his company’s philosophy toward digital marketing and retailing, the Senior Vice-President, Communications and Corporate Affairs at Canadian Tire Corporation didn’t pull any punches.

“You have to be able to change your business processes because of the insights that came out of your data,” Fulton said in front of hundreds of Dx3 2014 attendees, kicking off Day 2 of Dx3.

Fulton spoke about how digital is impacting business strategies, and can’t be isolated away from other business units and strategies.

“The worst thing that many companies do is they create a digital group to worry about [data analysis]. Which is as good as creating, I think, a digital ghetto,” he said. “And more often than not, the people in that digital group don’t have the authority inside the company to change business processes.”

See Duncan Fulton’s The Case For Integration presentation on Uberflip.

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