Dx3 Session Video #3: Selling Social to the C-Suite

Duncan Fulton Offers Advice For Getting Stodgie Execs Excited About New Media…

In last week’s Dx3 Session Video, we learned more about why it’s becoming increasingly imperative for CEO’s and business leaders to take an active role in the social activity of their company. But what happens if the company you work at doesn’t have a CEO who has taken it upon themselves to get “social” and who (as hard as it is to believe) might not read the Dx3 Digest? At that point, the responsibility for properly prioritizing social media strategy then falls to those who might be a little further down on the corporate ladder — a prospect that can oftentimes leave them with the difficult challenge of convincing the higher-ups that new media (which may very well seem foreign to them) is valuable.

Luckily, this Dx3 2012 Session Video features Duncan Fulton (The Senior VP of Communications at Canadian Tire) offering some critical perspective on the challenge and how it can be overcome. Once you realize what kind of background the average C-Suite executive is coming from, tackling the job of persuading them about new fangled digital concepts then becomes that much easier.

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