Tech Spotlight #3: Proximity Promotions

Amber Mac Gets the Goods on iSign’s Innovations With CEO Alex Romanov…

iSign is exactly the kind of technology that’s transforming the way retail operates and is experienced. As opposed to the days of old when having coupons for a store would have required carefully cutting coupons out of the newspaper or a magazine at home before heading out to shop, the consumer of the future (and, indeed, even of the present) need not worry about this kind of preparation or forethought. For the more impuslive or less organized consumers out there, that level of planning just isn’t always in the cards.

Amber Mac interviewed Alex Romanov, who is the CEO and President of iSign, at Dx3 2012 in order to dig a little deeper into the mechanics of this SAAS solution.  At its core, the key ability of iSign is that detects mobile devices within 300 feet in order to offer coupons, videos and other promotional media to potential shoppers within that sphere of influence. Those shoppers then have the opportunity to accept or decline this messaging.

There is an argument to be made that consumers would appreciate the opportunity to grab coupons to a store they are already approaching with an intent to shop or purchase, but the stronger play of iSign is likely the data that it allows retailers themselves to gather. Real-time data on how many promotional offers are dispatched, for example, and how many are accepted (and ultimately redeemed) would be valuable information indeed.

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