Dx3 Session Video #2: The Social CEO

According to ING Direct CEO Peter Aceto, Getting “Social” is No Longer Optional…

Last month IBM released a troubling report detailing how businesses with CEO’s who avoid social media were beginning to find it harder and harder to effectively compete. It was a revelation of no small importance, not the least because business leaders such as Peter Aceto have been making a similar observation for some time already. If there’s anything that the “Arab Spring”, the online SOPA uprising, or the 99% protest phenomenon have shown us recently, it’s that  social media is rapidly becoming profoundly more powerful than anyone might have previously given it credit for. Being heard isn’t just a one-way street any more, which means  that even the higher ups need to get their hands dirty in order to maintain and build strong connections with partners, clients and consumers.

Ultimately, the key takeaway of this Dx3 Session involves rethinking the traditional roles of social in a corporate atmosphere.  Gone are the days when tweeting on Twitter or engaging in conversations on LinkedIn or Facebook could simply be written off as the trite concerns of the rank and file, or when impersonal emails and newsletters would do the trick for CEO’s and founders with “too much else to worry about”. Instead, argues ING Direct CEO Peter Aceto, getting involved with online conversations as an active CEO on the frontlines is the only way to avoid falling into the outdated thinking that old-school “loudspeaker” methodology still cuts it in this brave new digital age world.


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