App Uniformity May Hamper “Best Version Yet” Of Android

Android is evolving. Fast. Keeping up with new design standards, APKs and ...

App Uniformity May Hamper “Best Version Yet” Of Android

Android is evolving. Fast. Keeping up with new design standards, APKs and even… dare we say… trends is what designing a great, forward-looking app is all about. It’s the sort of thing that’s always on the mind of Kevin Grant, an Android engineer at Tumblr (see his work) and a speaker at AndroidTO on Oct. [...]

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A Christmas List For Canadian E-Commerce

Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. No, wait. I’ve been great. And I know it’s still early, but in e-commerce, we start preparing for the holidays about three or four months out. That’s why, on behalf of the Canadian e-commerce community, I’m writing to ask — no, DEMAND — the following items and improvements [...]

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3 Common Pitfalls in Conversion Optimization for E-commerce

In my previous Dx3 Digest post titled “3 Easy Ways To Optimize Landing Page Conversion” I wanted to focus your attention on the most practical generally applicable methods for conversion improvement (or optimization). After publishing excerpts from it on our corporate social media, we received quite a lot of response from online retailers who wanted [...]

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Wearable Future: Voice Commands And Phone Independence

“I don’t think we’ve found the killer app.” That’s a bold statement for someone working in the wearable technology, but Cecilia Abadie of wearable fitness platform LynxFit, and a speaker at the upcoming AndroidTO conference, said it without hesitation. “We’re coming down from the hype, I believe,” she said, referring to the Garner Hype Cycle, [...]

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Why Canadian Retail Tech Continues To Grow

Dx3 caught up to Marketing magazine editor-in-chief David Thomas ahead of his brand’s upcoming retail event to talk about the growing interest in how technology is driving an innovation revolution in the once-staid old world of Canadian retail. Dx3: What factors are helping retail technology gain new steam in Canada? Thomas: Well, it isn’t just here because [...]

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Rogers Sportsnet Unveils New NHL Broadcast Studio

I’ll admit this is mostly just eye candy for hockey fans eager for the start of a new season, but Rogers is putting some serious tech into its new Sportsnet studio before the puck drops for the 2014-15 NHL season on October 8. A press release from Sportsnet sings its praises: The Hockey Central Studio, [...]

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Tim Cook announces Apple Pay on Sept. 9, 2014.

Why Apple Pay Should Have Launched In Canada First

Among the bevy of announcements at Apple’s Sept. 9 iPhone event, Apple Pay must be considered the most impactful . But Tim Cook and his entourage only got one thing wrong: Canada – not the U.S. – should have been where it launched. If that seems counterintuitive considering our nation’s reputation as a technological laggard, [...]

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September’s Best Video Ads Go In Strange New Directions

Corona Extra – Extend The Sunshine Though this ad was released a few weeks ago, it becomes more relevant by the day. As the sun sinks ever earlier into the west end of town. Zulu Alpha Kilo had the bright idea of redirecting sunlight on the patio at Clinton’s on Bloor Street to extend the [...]

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3 Easy Ways To Optimize Landing Page Conversion

There is no clear-cut formula for a perfect layout for conversion optimization since there are so many different aspects for different kinds of businesses, from a local brick-and-mortar to a digital storefront with tens of thousands of SKU’s and omnichannel experience. The general consensus is to combine commonly established best practices with the analysis of [...]

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Brands’ Real Competition Is Consumers – Ron Tite in the AOL Conversation Studio

How are consumers beating brands to the hearts and minds of their audience? Ron Tite, CEO of The Tite Group has the answer. “They don’t have to go to legal, and they don’t have to sell it up the food chain; they don’t have to get budget – they can just do it,” he says. [...]

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