Beck Taxi Integrates PayPal For Easy In-App Payments

Paying your fare at the conclusion of a taxi ride is probably ...

Beck Taxi Integrates PayPal For Easy In-App Payments

Paying your fare at the conclusion of a taxi ride is probably the most arduous part of an otherwise pleasant process. Uber and Toronto’s now-defunct version of Hailo both offer credit card in-app payment so that a customer could simply get out of the taxi (watch for cyclists) and receive a receipt via email for [...]

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Bronto revenue rescue part 1

40% Of Shoppers Use Online Cart To Transition Devices: Bronto Research

Online shoppers can be a fickle bunch. The process for customers to research and buy could take multiple visits on different devices coming from many different channels. Research from Bronto Software tells us that 40% of online shoppers will leave items in an online shopping cart to view later on a different device or in [...]

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IBM Forgot your receipt commercial

Retrofuture: IBM’s 1999 Forgotten Receipt Commercial Imagines RFID Matrix-Style

The trenchcoat, the sideburns, the late 90s! IBM’s 1999 ad depicted how RFID (the radio frequency technology now commonly found in cell phones and credit cards) could make shopping as convenient as shoplifting in the not-too-distant future. The amazing thing is, despite reeking of 90s motifs, the ad is still good! Unlike other ads that [...]

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Reed Hastings Netflix CEO

Netflix’s Reed Hastings Describes Career Journey, Business Failures

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings spoke at German Media Convention re:publica on the future of digital entertainment, but perhaps more interestingly, he shared his personal journey as a technology executive and described the thinking behind Netflix’s boldest decisions. At around the 10-minute mark, Hastings spoke about his time as CEO of Pure Software. He twice resigned from his B2B [...]

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Periscope’s Grooveshark-Style Defence Hides In Legal Grey Waters

On May 2 during the Manny Pacquiao / Floyd Mayweather fight, the Internet came to the startling realization that phone cameras could be pointed at TVs. The ensuing debate pitted two rival fighters against each other in that classic twelve round bout of old media vs new. In this corner, weighing in at a limber [...]

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Photo by Chris Tyler via Flickr

Data Finds CASL’s Feared Chilling Effect On Business

If you send email as part of your marketing, you probably had a rollicking debate in your office about whether your business is Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) compliant. You may have read through brochures, blogs, and government-created PDFs, but at the end of the day, were you really sure that you wouldn’t be fined? CASL [...]

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Understanding Digital And Consumer Loyalty

by Claude Galipeau, Country Manager – Yahoo Canada If you live in Canada, chances are you have a loyalty card in your wallet right now. Loyalty programs are incredibly popular with Canadian consumers. Our recent research study “Talking Loyalty” found that 90% of Canadians have a loyalty card, which represents approximately 22 million consumers. Why [...]

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Bronto email demographics

Males In Their 30s Most Frequent Online Shoppers: Bronto Research

Is online shopping a part of your daily routine? A new report from Bronto Software reveals men between 30-39 to be the most active of any age/gender grouping. Depending on how much you shop online, this might be a surprising finding! Most online shoppers fall into the ‘occasional’ category, meaning they shop online only once a [...]

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Shad CBC Q branding

From Q to DMZ – To Rebrand Or Just Refine?

What does a brand do when they want to show the world a new face, but keep the web domains and clout of their former selves? They refine, rather than rebrand – and it’s becoming something of a trend. Agency Substance 151 recommends a rebrand when “The existing brand perception, message and image are outdated and [...]

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Tim Cook announces Apple Pay on Sept. 9, 2014.

Apple Pay Coming To Canada In November: WSJ

Apple Pay is coming to Canada in November, according to the Wall Street Journal. Reportedly, the fight is now on between Apple and Canada’s banks to determine how the transaction fees will be divided up between them, and Apple is taking the opportunity to squeeze them. (Not that they can’t afford it.) Though Apple Pay [...]

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