How To Combat Bad Reviews For E-Commerce Shops

In an e-commerce world, customer service is not a desk that you ...

How To Combat Bad Reviews For E-Commerce Shops

In an e-commerce world, customer service is not a desk that you can park at the back of the store with sitting on their hands waiting for returns and layaway. Instead, customer service takes the front seat online where word of both good and bad experiences can spread virally and customer retention is the surest [...]

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Finalists Named For 2014 Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards

Last year’s Canada Post E-commerce Innovations Awards were a celebration of Canada’s growing enthusiasm for online shopping, from both a merchant and consumer perspective. Canada Post noted the growing e-commerce market in their release: With the popularity of online shopping, Canada’s business-to-consumer parcel delivery market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. By 2017 the [...]

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Opinion: Rumored NFC In iPhone 6 Will Drive Payment Tech Adoption

While some rumours about the iPhone 6 can  be dismissed as implausible at first glance, there’s one pleasant surprise among the pile of reports and grainy images that would make sense for Apple and give a boost to Android as well: NFC. Based on a leaked schematic from a hardware source, Wired said that ‘Signs [...]

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AvidRetail Aims To Eliminate POS Transaction Fees

“People want special attention,” Kaz Nejatian, co-founder of AvidRetail says of his career lessons so far. AvidRetail allows retailers to greet customers by name at checkout, a way of personalizing a simple experience like buying a coffee. For the person standing behind the counter (and their business), AvidRetail offers free and pre-paid mobile transactions. Customer can [...]

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Living With Acquisition: Robert Ostfield One Year After Joining Channel Zero

There are two parts to an acquisition: the numbers and the personalities. Robert Ostfield was careful to keep the latter in mind when ANDPOP, the company he led as CEO since 2007, was acquired by Channel Zero in 2013. “Putting valuation and cash aside, can you actually live with these people and can you fulfill [...]

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eCommera Rebrands As OrderDynamics

In June 2013, Canadian eCommerce platform provider OrderDynamics was acquired by British commerce company eCommera. Now more than a year later, eCommera is rebranding itself entirely, including its three former brands, using the name of the company it acquired. In a press release, Andrew McGregor, CEO of the newly renamed company said that data isn’t enough [...]

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Gartner Hype Cycle 2014 Report Puts Wearables, Big Data In Their Place

I look forward to the Gartner Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies as a wet blanket to calm all our marketing- and blog-driven obsession with the latest – and oftentimes, most convoluted and misunderstood – technologies. This year’s edition (the 20th such report from Gartner) is no different, as it places some technologies on a pedestal [...]

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Second Screen Distracts From TV Ads: Study

Scandal might be a thoroughly gripping drama, but occasionally, I find myself glancing down at my phone for alerts or checking Twitter during the show’s establishing shots. I might be missing out on some of the show’s atmosphere, but it’s practically an unconscious reflex to see what my social network are up to every few [...]

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Michele Romanow Buytopia

Buytopia Tops Canada’s Fastest Growing Retailers 2014 List

Toronto’s Buytopia was named Canada’s fastest growing retailer in the Profit 500, leading a diverse list of shops – most of whom sell through online channels. Among the top 10 are both brick-and-mortar, online, and omnichannel retailers. Notably, only three of the 10 do not sell online (though they do generate leads). It’s difficult to [...]

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It’s Not Too Early! Top 12 Marketing Tips For the Holidays

Though the sun still shines brightly over Canada well into the evening these days, the fall chill will soon be creeping into our warm summer nights. After that, e-commerce marketers know, it’s a fast and furious ride through January. Luckily, Bronto Software is here to help. Their latest white paper Top 12 Marketing Tips For [...]

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